Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Boomer-Focused Snack Food is Nutty

Frito-Lay has ventured into Boomer marketing with its first line-up of snacks targeted to Boomers. Called "True North," the line of all natural nuts and nut-based snacks are intended for Boomers who are looking for a more sophisticated and refined snack experience -- and can pay for it.

You can read about this week's launch at Brandweek.

Or venture over to the True North Web site for more information.

We'll be on the lookout for the print, TV and online efforts, to see how exactly Frito-Lay tries to connect with today's Boomer Consumer. At first glance, from the quotes in the Brandweek story, we're a little worried they've gone over the deep end by linking the current Boomer mindset towards self-fulfillment and self-respect and their line of nutty snacks. If they are treating it as a tongue-in-cheek connection, then we'll be okay with it. If they are serious about it, we're going to freak out about it.

People, get a grip. It's only a snack food.

The good news in this is that it is one of the few major players in consumer products to attempt to target a new product line entirely at Boomers. This could start a trend.

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