Thursday, December 27, 2007

Boomers: Enough Already

We didn't mean to be so quiet this month, and we'll try to do better in 2008.

The best end to the year isn't another list looking back on the Boomer Moments of 2007, or a list of predictions about 2008 (other than it's ahead of us).

How about simply a link to perhaps the funniest blog entry -- and accompanying artwork -- we've seen about Boomers in a long, long time.

Decide for yourself here.

If you want some additional perspective (and invectives), read these comments on the original news story about Boomers reaching retirement age (which one is the Boomer in the photo?). Anyone who doesn't think we're entering the "age wars" years clearly isn't paying attention.

Thanks for visiting this year and we'll be posting more frequently in 2008.


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