Friday, November 23, 2007

Why Market to Today's Boomers?

Because that's where the money is, stupid.

According to a new study by The Conference Board:

  • Baby Boomers (1946 and 1964) have 43.7 million households, and more than two-thirds of Boomers have discretionary income, with the highest average discretionary income, at $29,754.
  • Two-thirds of Gen X-ers(1965 and 1981) have discretionary income, and the second-highest average discretionary income, at $22,562.
"Discretionary income" is defined as "those households whose spendable income exceeds that held by households with similar demographic features."

When we do the math, that means while there are only 29% more Boomer households than Gen X households, the average Boomer household has 32% more discretionary income than the average Gen X household. Or, put another way, for every $1.00 a Gen X household has in extra money to spend, a Boomer household has $1.32.

Wait a minute, you say. There are more Boomer households and they have more money per household to spend?

And now you know why we wrote the book. Class dismissed.

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