Monday, October 22, 2007

The First First Boomer Cartoon

We told you the "avalanche" of articles and columns about Baby Boomers and the impending bankruptcy of Social Security was just starting.

The number of articles in the past week alone (551) are enough to swamp most inboxes.

Now we've seen the first cartoon about the first Boomer and Social Security.

Mike Keefe
Denver Post
Oct 21, 2007

We bring this to your attention only because it makes us a little crazy. On the one hand it is a good thing that this event of the first Boomer reaching age 62 might start generating some political willpower to do something about the inevitable collapse of Social Security and Medicare (read this editorial in yesterday's Newsday in NY for an example).

But on the other hand, the real impact of Boomers on Social Security is still some years off. We are really only talking about a trickle right now, and yet we are innundated with these Chicken Little headlines.

Rather than being clever or metaphor-filled, we'd encourage more articles like the Newsday one. At least it talks about what needs to be done.

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Brunie said...

I think the whole notion of retirement is passe for most Boomers (with some notable exceptions). I think we will re-create work with meaning in our lives in a wide variety of ways. Check out - they have this organized nicely.

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