Friday, January 18, 2008

USATODAY and Boomers

You may have seen part of this week's five part series on Boomers at age 62 in USATODAY.

Overall, it contains lots of useful information and insights about Boomers and money at this phase of life. Most of the helpful hints about preparing for retirement are way too late for someone at age 62, but if younger Boomers take heed, that would be a good thing.

As members of the second half of the Boomer cohort (both of us born in 1959), we were especially interested in Wednesday's cover piece on how the leading edge Boomer got all the breaks in terms of timing. Check out the chart on the left.

A while back we covered it in our paid newsletter in an article about The Ass Ceiling.

The USATODAY article has generated comments in the blogosphere, understandably. What are yours?

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