Friday, January 18, 2008

Boomers and Technology

Great post at Yahoo! Tech about the products and technologies promoted at the recent Consumer Electronics Show as "boomer-worthy."

Robin Raskin, the Boomer blogger, points out that most of the products marketed to Boomers are products to help with some sort of impairment -- vision, hearing, smarts. While leading edge Boomers are now in their 60's and showing some wear and tear, most Boomers are still younger than age 52, and years away from a Clapper.

What's really interesting is the second comment about her posting, which says:

Because boomers don't purchase technology, they don't get technology geared towards them. The boomers suffer from the "we don't know how to use this." problem. As if operating a consumer electronic device is the equilivant of running a 747. Technology companies and actual consumers tuned these complaints out and we are moving towards sleek, fun, cool devices that are as much about function and they are about asthetitics. Get Lasik and/or reading contacts heaven knows most of you boomers can afford it.
How about that? Wonder how old that poster is?

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