Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Boomer Project Column in Print

We were recently asked by Media General's Richmond Times-Dispatch to contribute a bi-weekly Opinion column.

The first one ran 11/1/07 and can be downloaded here.

The column is called "Viva the Vital" and will focus over time on how Boomers are in search of the fountain of vitality, not the fountain of youth.

We'll post the other columns the day after they are published.

Let us know what you think of it.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Matt and John - Love the theme of the column... you are so right on! Our boomer clientele don't want to be younger; they want to be more vital and relevant. Here in the mountains of Virginia, we are busy teaching 'lifestyle fitness', or as we call our personal wellness system, "Organic Fitness"™, to boomers dedicated to sustaining their energy, strength, verve, and health. Our boomer clients are also interested in exploring new levels and dimensions of happiness, success, and getting more out of life. This includes trying out new, fun physical activities and outdoor adventures. Getting and keeping physically fit, healthy and energized becomes a means to playing a bigger, much more fun game. For vibrant, aging boomers this also means, in no uncertain terms, "Living the Good Life Longer"©. We co-create a virtually fail-proof personal wellness system with clients - their own winnable game.

I am pleased that we now have another resource to refer to our clients for support and inspiration...Bravo! Who knew that Richmond could be so progressive past Cary Street? Maybe we can even get enough folks looking for your column here in far-away Rockbridge County that we increase the Times-Dispatch's circulation.

Karen B. Cohen
Lexington, Virginia

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