Monday, October 29, 2007

Boomers: Just What Kind of Sandwich Generation Are We?

Two stories from over the weekend that typify why it is so difficult to peg the Boomer Consumer into one overall classification.

First up is an op/ed piece from a younger Boomer, Mary Sanchez, of The Modesto Bee. Thinking about her older mother, she is worried about the impact Boomers growing older will have on Social Security, Medicare and everything else.

She writes:

"Soon the boomers will face their own mortality. Like my mother, everyone who reaches their "golden years" deserves to live them in dignity. But for that to happen, boomers need to begin seriously considering how they will live out their last years and, yes, how they will die."

Pretty grim stuff and something obviously on the minds of many Boomers.

But then there's this piece from Kristy Gray of the Jackson Hole Star Tribune, that portrays another side of today's Boomer: kicking butt. She writes about her bald-headed 50-year-old boss showing her up at a Kick Boxing class at the local health club.

The boss doesn't sound like a Boomer contemplating how he will die. In fact, he's doing what he can to keep on living, and living healthy.

This "Middlesence" for Boomers comes with a range of emotions and motivations. Marketers need to identify the mind-set of their Boomer Consumers and segment their marketing efforts accordingly, in order to best connect with them.


Nourishing Relationships said...

Part of the issue is mixing all Baby Boomers into the same pot. What's going on in the minds and bodies of 45 year olds is often very different than what happens once you hit your 60's.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Those of us born in 1953? Heck, we were 10 in the 1963 - so why is it advertisers assume we were at Woodstock?!

Some of us made choices that didn't include grand-parenting at 50 or having children at all. Believe it or not, there are those of us who aren't affluent, didn't go to Ivy league colleges (or any college for that matter). But it's as if we're supposed to be happily spending our way to the poor house because some nitwit lumped us all in the same pot - Baby Boomers!

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