Friday, September 7, 2007

British Boomer Web Site

Fellow blogger and Boomer pundit Chuck Nyren pointed us to yet another new Web site focusing on the 50+ market, this time from England. has a nice look and feel, and may strike the right chord with an audience over 50. (Apparently it's pronounced "wa-no-bee" and not "want-to-be," which might be more appropriate.)

A question all of these "social networking" sites will ultimately have to answer is what defines success? Is it a million "users" or more? What is the audience needed in the Web space before advertisers consider a site worth their dollars?

What advertisers are these various sites seeking, if any? Are they competing for the same visitor and the same ad dollars, or have they sliced off a piece that they can uniquely deliver?

We doubt there are hard and fast answers to any of these questions, making all of these ventures shaky until some of this shakes out. Those will the patience and deep pockets to last through that period will win.

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