Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some Like It Hot

Consumption of spicy food is on the rise, and Baby Boomers are responsible, blogs the author of "Going Like Sixty." Aging dulls the senses of taste and smell, and Boomers are compensating by eating foods that once would have set their tongues aflame.

Chili Pepper consumption -- per person -- is up from 4.7 lbs in 1998 to 6.3 lbs in 2007, according to the AARP magazine. Sharper cheeses like feta and garganzola are gaining in popularity. There's even a website -- -- where you can buy all manner of peppers, spices, and condiments.

As a bonus, Going Like Sixty quotes Dave Dewitt at Fiery Foods:

Garlic, onion, allspice, and oregano were the best all-around microbe killers, killing almost everything. Next were thyme, cinnamon, tarragon, and cumin, which kill about 80 percent of all bacteria. Chile peppers were in the next group, with about a 75 percent kill rate. In the lower ranges of 25 percent were black pepper, ginger, and lime juice.
At last, something that tastes good is actually healthy, too! You'll know the trend has finally gone mainstream when McDonalds starts serving Red Hot Chili Pepper Burgers.

1 comment:

Groveton said...

I am a spicy food fool. Can't be too hot. Although, if you want heat - find a bottel of Pete's Insanity #29. It basically a habenaro paste in a bottle. Lights out! I put a teaspoon in a vat of chili and only two people in a party of 20 could eat the stuff.

Also, don't you think the increase in Hispanics in the US over the last few decades has fueled the trend? The only other guy at the party who could eat the stuff was Hispanic.

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