Monday, August 4, 2008

Maybe Whining Boomers Have a Reason to Complain

We promised we'd weigh in on the recent Boomer-basing articles referencing various research studies about the unhappiness of Boomers.

We did so in our twice monthly Op/Ed column "Viva the Vital." You can read the piece here.

In it, you'll note, we reference "gen-ism," or bias and stereotyping based on one's generational cohort. That concept and term comes from Brent Green, author of Marketing to Leading Edge Boomers and a man on a mission to stamp out ageism and genism.

Brent has a blog worth a read.

Tell us your opinion about generational bias. Send in a comment.


carol stanley said...

I am always amazed at the amount of material written for boomers...How different are we? Maybe it is because we started using cake mixes instead of from scratch...Could that be..??? However it has opened an entire new market for many of us. Carol Stanley

B.L. said...

I just gave a diversity presentation to a large corporate audience titled "Talkin bout my Generation".
The first power point was "People try to put us d-down just because we g-get around, things they do look awful c-cold...Yeah, I hope I die before I get old..."
and Pete Townshend isn't even a Boomer. This lyric hit howm to every millenial,x'er, y-er and Boomer in my audience. There is great anxiety in all Who contemplate aging. The trick is to use the wisdom of your years and experiences to design in harmony with your surroundings.
But Don't stop thinking about tomorrow is another song for another comment.

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