Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Business about Heading for the Exit

We're always on the lookout for smart entrepreneurs who have interesting ideas about tapping into the Boomer market. Here is one we like: -- a Web site offering advice on managing terminal illnesses, mostly for friends and family.

Run by Judy Bachrach, a contributing editor to Vanity Fair and former reporter for the Washington Post and other newspapers, it offers advice to help Boomers through critical issues where little support can be found.

She named her new site TheCheckoutLine because it is the one area where no one's pushing really hard to get to the front ( so true, so true).

We like the idea because it fills an important need. We aren't sure how Judy will make money at it, but maybe that isn't her goal. Yet.

Reading through some of the questions found there, and her answers, we're holding out on whether or not she'll find traction with advertisers.

Although she should be talking with the folks at LifeGem, who make man-made diamonds from the carbon remains of loved ones (we're not making this up). Imagine: "Oh, what a lovely diamond necklace, is it a family heirloom?" "You could say so. It's my grandma." Creepy.

On second thought, Judy shouldn't pursue that synergy.

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Jay said...

Hi Matt and Martin,
Glad you liked -- actually the most difficult part about launching this web site is NOT getting advertising (lots of people are interested, which given it very recent launch is nice) -- but getting people to write emails requesting advice.
So if anyone needs help on issues relating to dying (or death) --by all means, write in
best to you
Judy Bachrach

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