Friday, May 16, 2008

Boomers and Vacations with a Purpose

"Voluntourism" is another trend we've talked about for some time (we profiled Habitat for Humanity's Global Village trips program back in 2005) that's really taking off are vacations where you can volunteer and do something to benefit the local community. "Voluntourism" even has its own Web site.

You know it is a trend with legs now that Ritz-Carlton has gotten into the act with their Give Back Getaways program.

Once more, Springwise spotters write about it here.

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Christopher Hill said...

Great post!
I am the founder of Hands Up Holidays ( - a travel company specialises in upmarket eco-adventures that blend sightseeing with a 'taste' of volunteering.
Could be just what you are looking for!
All our trips are either with a maximum of 12, or we tailor-make for your requirements.
Most of our trips are 4-5*, with meaningful short volunteer projects that provide authentic interaction with the local people and an opportunity to give back.
Destinations include:
- Mexico
- Argentina
- Brazil
- Thailand
- Kenya
- Namibia/Botswana
- South Africa
- New Zealand
- Australia
Come and join us for an Adventure That Counts!

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