Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Eons Cuts Staff

Wow, barely a week since we pondered if there was enough space on the Internet for all the Boomer-lifestyle "social networking" Web sites out there and the top dog,, announces its second staff reduction.

Doesn't bode well for the late entrants to the category, does it?


Charles said...

Are you fishing or wising?

A lot of us boomers have been accustomed to more than extravagant and very useless/unproductive resource utilization.

Are you sure you're not among us? Maybe they just woke up, saw the sunrise, smelled the coffee and enjoyed the "soft breeze" of boomerhood and decided to "get REAL."

Matt Thornhill & John Martin said...

We're not exactly sure what your point is, Charles.

The "news" about Eons is that they have decided to focus their efforts on the parts of their site that people use or are engaged in.

That makes business sense to us, of course. But it also proves our assertion that an "all things to all Boomers" Web site will have tough sledding. Being a "Boomer" doesn't mean anything to Boomers. It isn't an affinity group. It is a demographic label.

We suspect over time the other Boomer focused sites will come to this conclusion and will focus on one aspect of Boomer life or another, just like Eons is now doing.

The best news is that they are cutting back on their fascination with Obits. Another component of their site we predicted wouldn't have much appeal (it's too early for Boomers to really care too much about Obits -- but that day will come).

Boomerrific said...

Matt and John, you have a very good point regarding focus for Boomer sites. Our focus at the "Official Blog of Boomers" includes problems and concerns faced by Boomers as well as the sharing of successes. We invite Boomers to participate.

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